Roof trapezoid steel T45

Roof trapezoid steel, wave height 45 mm, often used to cover industrial facilities, but also for private homes.

It is very much appreciated by architects thanks to its excellent technical characteristics such as durability and good load bearing.

Besides panels, available are also the accompanying assurances, load tables, as well as warranties.

Advantages over other steel producers:

  • Material extremely resistant to corrosion, all steel roofs are produced according to EN 14782:2008 norm and marked with the CE sign for EU construction products
  • UV-resistant paint in a layer of 25 microns – we also give a 10-year paint warranty
  • State of the art finnish production technology – there are no deviations in precision
  • We provide all the accompanying flashings as well as fasteners and sealants
  • Possibility of placing anti-condensation felt under the steel

Advantages over other, non-steel covers:

  • Largely decreases the roof structure load (5 kg/m2 – clay tiles up to 8 times as heavy)
  • Extremely long life
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Easy installation
  • All the roofs are made to measurements