Steel roof tiles CR24

Steel tiles roll formed in such a way that they remind of classic clay tiles, wave height 24 mm, useful width 1100 mm.

It is primarily used to cover private homes; due to very low weight and simple installation.

There are standard 25 microns paint layer roof and a roof with a 35 microns matt paint layer increasing aesthetics of the roof.

Advantages over other steel producers:

  • Material extremely resistant to corrosion, all steel roofs are produced according to EN 14782:2008 norm and marked with the CE sign for EU construction products
  • UV-resistant paint in a layer of 25 microns – we also give a 10-year paint warranty
  • State of the art finnish production technology – there are no deviations in precision
  • We provide all the accompanying flashings as well as fasteners and sealants
  • Possibility of placing anti-condensation felt under the steel

Advantages over other, non-steel covers:

  • Largely decreases the roof structure load (5 kg/m2 – clay tiles up to 8 times as heavy)
  • Extremely long life
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Easy installation
  • All the roofs are made to measurements