About us

The company M.I. Hršak d.o.o. started with its operation in December 1994 in a workshop within the owner’s family house – with only three employees – producing metalware.

In the years that followed the company was slowly growing whilst increasing the number of employees and the business expansion in general. Solid business results resulted in the support of local institutions, creating a positive image of the company within the local community. Today, company M.I. Hršak d.o.o., whose Forhills Ltd. is a subsidiary, employs more than 170 people with 2017 turnover being 12 mil. eur.

We offer bespoke, quality driven service to suit each individual assignment and our continued success is built on strong long-term relationships with our suppliers and clients as well as our continuos investment in production facilities and state-of-the-art machinery.


To be a leading steel covers & facades supplier in the UK recognized by our bespoken quality & exceptional service.


To supply our clients with steel covers & facades with competitive price & exceptional business service, thus creating long-term business partnership.

1994: M.I. HRŠAK D.O.O. Establishment

3 employees in a workshop within the owner’s family house

2007: 1st production hall 1800 m2

40 employees

2013: ISO certificates

ISO 9001:2015, HRN EN ISO 3834-2:2007, EN:1090-2:2008, EN:14782:2006

2015: 2nd production hall 3500 m2

88 employees, ICT implementation

2017: Forhills Ltd. establishment

M.I. Hršak d.o.o. opened a UK based subsidiary

2018: 3rd production hall

170 employees